Thanksgiving with your Crazy Extended Family, Style: The Survivor

So I know for a lot of you, Thanksgiving is a long stressful day. You have family you haven’t seen in quite some time telling you how good (or bad) you look, and asking all sorts of questions. You get to see the woman who’s become know as “Crazy Aunt so-and-so” and you also get to meet your “amazing” second cousin once removed’s new multi-millionaire doctor husband. I mean could your Thanksgiving be ANY MORE FUN? Hashtag sarcastic. 

DSC_0070DSC_0074DSC_0081DSC_0082 Dress: Theory | Shoes: Christian Dior

For this look, the survivor, I went with all black. I love this Theory dress, it really says I mean business. I also love that it’s a heavy material and that it extenuates my body, because if I was dealing with an over the top family, I would want to look my best. But my favorite part of a crazy family Thanksgiving are all the fun questions. Take a look below as I do a sample Q&A/how to deal with sarcastic remarks, so you’ll be completely prepared for this Thursday..

So when are you getting married?

DSC_0084 Answer: Grandma maybe I should find a boyfriend first. What you really want to say: Take a walk old lady, do you know what men are like these days? 

Why can’t you be more like your sister? You should have went to law school.

DSC_0086 Answer: You know, I really don’t like law, I love fashion and I want to do what I love. What you really want to say: My sister went to law school to find a lawyer husband, asshole.

So when am I going to have some grand kids?

DSC_0089 Answer: I’m really just not ready for kids yet, I want to keep traveling. What you really want to say: Maybe when I find a husband? Can I get engaged first????

When are you going to get a real job?


Answer: Uncle Bob, I really enjoy styling and blogging, and it is a real job. What you really want to say: UNCLE BOB, everyone knows you took bets for a quarter of your life and called it a “job”. 

Your face looks so nice when you put on some weight. Those round cheeks really compliment your eyes.

DSC_0090 Answer: Thanks Aunt Mary, what a nice compliment. What you really want to say: Thank you, I love your new nose! 

So those Q&As were me half joking, but I know a lot of you have to deal with these embarrassing questions and back handed compliments. You truly only get one family, so practice your nice, kind responses and remember, most of the time, these questions and comments come from a place of love. Oh, and keep the wine coming.


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I hope you enjoyed this post/look and I hope you collected some inspiration for your own Thanksgiving outfit! Check out these other two Thanksgiving looks, here and here, for some additional inspiration! Thanks for reading.