Mesh, Fishnet and Sheer Tops: How and When to Wear Them

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Sheer tops worn correctly can instantly take your aesthetic from being everyone’s babe to not your girl. If you catch my drift. But if you don’t, either way the truth is that these semi see-through tops instantly transform any look into cool girl chic. You know the type of girl who can wear no makeup what-so-ever and Adidas white sneakers and still look sexy? Yea her. She’s embodies that easygoing yet put together vibe we all so long to cultivate. Well at least I do. So if you’re still here then you must be trying to work these pieces into your wardrobe and I’m certainly here to help.

In all their different variations be it fishnet, mesh, lace ect. sheer tops are tricky territories. You can only wear them totally alone if you don’t mind your nipples showing, so in all other situations they’ve got to be layered. Unless you’re going out and you want to wear some nippes (find em’ here) under your top, go for it. Or you can even wear a pretty little bralette. In that scenario I’d pair that top with a leather jacket and some high waist pants. And don’t forget your jewelry! It can literally change the whole mood of your look. I’m loving the bad-a*s vibe that my Midori Linea choker is giving off pair with the mesh.

Since I received such a great response the last time I did “I’d pair this with” on my post (check it out here), I thought it would do it again here.

So, I’d pair a mesh top with..

  • An off the shoulder dress (here) with open toe heel sandals (here) for a dinner date.
  • A more corporate sleeveless black dress (here) scalloped heels (here) for a chic after work function.
  • Floral dress (here) with white platform sneakers (here) for a fun brunch.

If you like mesh but aren’t ready for a see through top, check out this look.



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