2018 Goals Because Resolutions Only Last A Month…

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Put your goals on the internet so I know they’re real…

There’s no better way to achieve your goals or resolutions in the New Year than to tell everyone about them. Tell your friends, family, roommates or if you’re a blogger, tell your internet family! This way they can remind you if they see you falling off track. And in return, if you’re friends tell you their goals, you should keep them in check too!

Why goals and not resolutions? Mostly it’s a personal preference. I find that setting goals are mentally more realistic for me. Resolutions have become things I just won’t do in the new year. They end up being too grand and in the grand scheme of things, I just don’t end up committing to them. With goals, I find I can start off small and add to them over time.

My 2018 Goals

  1. Live a little. In 2017 I attended more events as a blogger than ever. I also hosted my own event.  This is something I definitely want to continue in 2018. Overall I want to experience more and live in the moment and purchase fewer things. I’m also quite neurotic so I’m going to try and be calmer and go with the flow more.
  2. Throw sh*t away. Adding to my last goal, along with buying fewer things, I also need to get rid of sh*t. I swear I am a borderline hoarder. Buying less will allow me to take my time and go through my stuff. It also allows me to save money for my next goal.   
  3. Buy a home with my boyfriend. I was going to call this one “move out” but that sounds way too serious to me. We really wanted to purchase a house last year but it just didn’t happen. I believe that everything happens in its own time and I can feel it happening in the new year!
  4. Big trip! I want to go on a big trip this year. I’ve been to the Caribbean and states on the east coast, but I’m defining a big trip as being at least ten days and far away. Overall I want to travel more but this is the year I rip off the band-aid on a big trip. I’m thinking Fiji, Greece, Almafi Coast, or Hawaii!
  5. Grow Simply by Simone into a functioning business. This year I’m going to create an LLC and really push to make my blog a business. I’m also going to work on growing my readership and community here! What do you want to see more of? 
  6. Pay off my student loans. I am SO close to paying them off so this is the year to be done with them. I’m going to try and finish paying them by August, so ideally I could purchase a home in the Fall/Winter. Ideally. 
  7. Workout consistently. In 2018 I want to take more workout classes. I always try to work out as often as possible but last year my workout hiatus was way longer than my consistent weeks of exercise. I think taking more classes will help me be more committed.

What are your goals? Do you like calling them resolutions better? Either way, let me know in the comments below! Also, feel free to keep me on track if you see my slip up. Since I insta story so much of my life trust me you’ll know if I’ve got into a bad habit of missing the gym!



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