A Women’s World can be a Critical Place

A Women's World can be a Critical Place
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Women being critical of other women in today’s world is completely barbaric to me. This is a women’s world we’re living presently, so why is it so? And not only are we critical of other women, but even harder on ourselves? We have rights, our own voices and hold places of power. How is it that we can embrace these victories for ourselves, but not each other?

I’m fortunate that I live in a county with so many opportunities open to me. But, just because the opportunities are there, doesn’t mean I don’t have to work for them. Which brings me to why I decided to even write about this topic. Yesterday, I received the coveted September Vogue in the mail, with Kendall Jenner on the cover.

To be honest (you know I love honesty), my first reaction was a sarcastic really. Which in retrospect is crazy to me. As a women, I feel my reaction should be more along lines of you go girl! And this is definitely not to say that as a women you must love and support all other women, but what has Kendall done that I don’t like? Nothing. I love her style (even if Monica Rose contributes to it), her vintage car/ love for vintage cars and how she’s worked so hard to detach herself from her famous family, creating what I find to be her own persona.

Like many of us, even the Kendall’s of the world, have worked hard to be where they are. You don’t get to be a supermodel, or in Anna Wintour’s case the editor-in-chief of a top fashion magazine, without a lot of blood, sweat and tears. If someone you knew offered you an amazing opportunity, would you say no? You’d be stupid not to accept. And you’d be lying to yourself if you said you’ve never let anyone help you (think back to your diaper wielding days).

Am I a bad person if I take a opportunity that’s presented to me? No. Should my girlfriends “hate on” when something good happens in my life? No. If a women comes from adversity, and then becomes insta famous (ie. CardiB, literally one of the funniest people I follow on instagram), should we trash talk her about her past? No. So then why is that some people do?

These are not things that change overnight, and I know I’m personally my worst critic, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on it. The next time something great happens to a women you know (even a frenemy) learn how to be genuinely happy. Every time one of us, as women, get ahead, it’s a step for all of us.

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  1. September 2, 2016 / 7:58 am

    This is a very beautiful post Simone, I love your honesty. It has really struck me back to the thinking board; do we ‘hate on’ other women succeeding out there (let me be more specific on female celebrities) because of insecurity? And why even harbor jealousy? As much as these may be impulsive feelings that sometimes strike even when we don’t mean it, we shouldn’t let them grow any further than that. They are a waste of good energy, right? Instead, we should find the sense of motivation that will encourage us in being victorious tomorrow. Super post. You go girl 😉

    • WordPress.com Support
      September 2, 2016 / 8:14 am

      Thanks Diana! What a beautiful comment to read! Such a waste of energy and definitely something I know I can personally work on! Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

  2. September 7, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    This is so true. It’s one thing to have legitimate grievances, but often when it comes to celebrities especially those from reality TV we judge harshly. Usually without reason. I love Amy Poehler’s quote about when good things happen for other women, “good for her, not for me.”