New York City Shoe Story and Hacks

New York City Shoe Story and Hacks
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Top: Splendid | Jeans: 7 FAM | Shoes: Gucci | Bag: Chloe

Comfortable, practical and chic aka my New York City shoe story. I still more than often find myself wearing my Adidas into the city, and even better my Nike Roshe’s. You’ll be much happier with your feet being comfortable, trust. If you’re starting your first job or internship, find yourself walking often in uncomfortable shoes or are just looking comfortable chic new shoes, I’ve got the solution for you!

I work in the Meatpacking district of New York City, so if you’re not aware, the beautiful cobblestone streets are totally impractical. Even a master in high heels will run into trouble here. This combined with long walks on the concrete will destroy your shoes. Making maintenance frequent and necessary. In addition, subways are dusty and dirty. Even my white sneakers don’t stand a chance, so why would you wear white ballet flats?! Just don’t.

Lucky for us, the current shoe trend is opting for open backs, chunky and shorter heels. Which for any fashionista that doesn’t want horrible blisters and those killer arch-of-your-foot cramps (yes it’s REAL and be thankful if you’ve never felt it) this is solid news. So, I’ve gone ahead a rounded some on trend comfortable shoes below!

Shoe Hacks:

  • Tape toes 3 and 4 together. This takes pressure off the ball of your foot and works!
  • Apply deodorant to the inside of your shoes to lessen the friction and blisters. I do this on the front strap of my Stuart Weitzman nudist sandals always! I purchase a travel deodorant for this (so I never get confused on which is the good one LOL)
  • Opt for the platforms with the flat front. I hate the look when the front of a shoe doesn’t touch the floor anyway, so when I found out the stress it adds on your feet, I felt even more justified in my dislike.
  • Sadly flats aren’t always your friend as they have little arch support. I like these supports that you can stick in any shoe!

Shop my look:

Shop comfy, chic and practical shoes:

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