Change is Good – Labor Day Weekend

change is good labor day weekend
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Top: Chaser (on sale!!) | Denim: Hidden | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Saint Laurent

Change is a good thing, and I want you to keep that in mind this Labor Day weekend. One of the hardest things for me to get used to after college was the fact that there was less change. After starting the year in January with all new classes, then maybe a Summer class or two, taking some time off, and then having all new classes in the Fall, it made working feel so stagnant.

When I first started working full time after college (I worked full time through college too but that’s a story for another day) Labor Day weekend would roll around, and I was not ready for it. The weather would still be beautiful and nothing in my life was changing to make me feel like it was no longer Summer. I felt like life was dragging, like I was waiting for something to happen. Enter Fall fashion.

I’ve always loved fashion and styling outfits, but in college it was less. I was so overextended and not making a lot of extra money. So, Fall shopping was definitely not as fun as it is now. I’ve also never been the type to want to load up on inexpensive things so I could feel like I had tons of options. So, this also left my wardrobe a bit limited. Which for college was OK with me. Now, the season change is everything to me. I love adding new items to my Fall wardrobe and selling off some old things to make room. It helps add some much needed change to my life. It also made me less upset about saying goodbye to Summer weather.

To conclude, the moral of my story is:

  • Change is good.
  • As the seasons change, updating your wardrobe is a good way to add something new into your life.
  • Letting go is also a positive act. Sell off some old items to make room for the new.

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