A New York City Perspective in the Eyes of a Westchester Girl

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So you want to live, work or visit New York City? Today I’m offering you a New York City perspective in the eyes of a Westchester girl (aka me!). If you’re new here let me tell you a little bit about myself. I work in the Meatpacking district in NYC. I reside in Westchester County, in a town that is on average a 35 minute Metro North train ride to Grand Central. I’ve never lived in NYC, but I think about it often. I mean how amazing would a five-minute commute and a West Village apartment be? AMAZING, I know.

So today, I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite and not so favorite things about NYC in the eyes of a commuter. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to New York, this will shed some light on the travel piece if you’re thinking of staying outside the city. This will also be helpful if you’re a college grad thinking about commuting because you don’t have the luxury of a parental rent stipend. Or, my favorite one, you’re thinking of moving into the city. Nine times out of ten I would buy an apartment, but then where would I go on the weekends?!


Five things I love about New York City:

  1. 24 hour EVERYTHING. If you want something at any hour and you’re determined you can find it in NYC. I guess this point is a two for one because you can literally find anything you’re looking for here!
  2. The food. From the hot dog trucks to the mainstream restaurants, almost everything is delicious. Also, seamless delivers everything to your lazy a*s.
  3. Basically all flat ground perfect for walking around! Bring your sneakers. The only hill I think I’ve ever walked up, excluding Central Park would be the slope on Park Ave walking to Grand Central. I love that you can walk everywhere and that everyone is walking.
  4. The museums, art galleries, and exhibitions. You can see culture and history everywhere you look. Speaking of history, I also love the High Line!
  5. Hustle and bustle. NYC can make me feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing with my life and all you have to do is look up at the penthouses! LOL But seriously, people are always running to the next meeting or event. And some of the hardest working people I meet are also bloggers! This gives me so much motivation to keep going.

Five things that drive me crazy:

  1. SUBWAYS. They are kind of amazing when they get you somewhere quick and without that weird subway smell. But basically every other time they suck. People are always pushing and shoving, they bring out the animal in everyone. Or they give me a panic attack when they decided to stop in between stations for twenty minutes.
  2. Speaking of paranoid, I hate that no way out feeling I get sometimes when the traffic is horrible and I can’t get where I need to go. Like, get me out of here!!!!
  3. The Uber drivers that ask you for directions. I mean really?
  4. People who walk slowly. There needs to be an “I actually need to get somewhere” walking lane everywhere.
  5. Commuting isn’t always fun. I always try to think of the train as my personal chauffeur, but the trains to Westchester stop at 1:56 am. When you leave work late at night or go out after work it would be so nice not to have to figure out how/when I’ll get home.

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