Motivation Monday: The Small Things in Life

the small things-beau taplin-quote-motivation monday

Have you ever heard someone say it’s the small things in life that matter? Or the little things are actually the big things? Well if you haven’t now you have, and these sayings speak nothing but the truth. I mean if I have to see one more Monday complaint meme… It’s ONE day in a seven-day week. It’s only fourteen percent of your entire week. And Mondays only account for thirteen percent of the year. Why must you focus so much on it? I get it, sometimes Mondays suck. When I wasn’t working in the right field, trust me, I remember how much Mondays sucked. But the day wasn’t the problem, it was me.

Although I had a job that wasn’t for me, I still chose to focus on the little things. I made plans to be with my family and friends. I looked forward to events I was going to for my blog. When I woke up every morning I thought of all the amazing things in my life, like the good health of myself and others. Your negativity can turn your life into a forest fire. To think that a tiny match can start a forest fire is horrifying. That something so small can cause something so big.

If the little things in your life aren’t the big things, then you have to make some changes.

Here’s how.

  • Stop thinking and talking about how much Mondays suck. Every time you think this stop and think about something you’re grateful for.
  • Thank the universe or whatever you believe in for everything that is good in your life.
  • Get off your cell phone and totally disconnect when you’re with your friends and family.