Fashion Friday: The White Blazer

Good morning and Happy Friday! I know I always say “Happy Friday”, but if we can start on a high note, I always like too! Oh, and guess who just became a Mon-Fri part of the workforce, this girl! Sorry, maybe I’m sharing too much today, I’ll start the fashion talk now..

So, the White Blazer.. probably the most loved and also one of the most anxiety ridden pieces of clothing (second to white denim). Anxiety ridden, at least for me, because, SO MUCH WHITE. It’s like a stain waiting to happen. I swear rain water can stain white on me, it’s just some luck. Personally, what works for me is always telling myself I never stain anything, a few times before I put on my white article of clothing (crazy I know) but it seems to work for me about 90% of the time. The other 10% is my tide to go pen. Don’t own one? Go get it, now. Let’s take a look..

IMG_7380 IMG_7381 IMG_7383

Blazer: H&M | Shirt: Express, similar | Denim: Hudson, similar | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Bag: Louis Vuitton

A white blazer can make any look come to life. For this specific look, I thought it made the outfit in general. I love the relaxed look of the tee shirt and the seriousness of the blazer together. So casual, yet so put together. This is a great look if you’re trying to stray away from those flip-flops and really bring your style to the next level. A blazer can really go a long way…

IMG_7384 IMG_7376

Earrings: Ippolita | Bracelets: SimoneJ jewelry

I mean without the blazer and the shoes, this is just super casual look. Say you wore flip-flops, the tee-shirt and no blazer, it would look as if you didn’t even think before you put anything on. Add the blazer and the wedges (extremely comfortable btw) and all of a sudden you know your stuff and you look well put together!

A white blazer is a staple, it will match almost anything and is just as neutral as black. Before you throw on your go-to black blazer this Summer, think about putting on a white one instead. You do that and your look is instantly brighter and on trend. Your friends will notice, especially if it’s not your usual style.

Some more inspiration..

IMG_7396 IMG_7397

Left to right: Asos | Shopbop | Nordstrom | Intermix

I hope this inspires you to wear that white blazer that’s been hanging in your closet or to go out and add one to your wardrobe! Happy styling and thanks for reading!