Why I Love this DVF Sweater and Can’t Eat Rainbow Cookies until April 16th

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DOESN’T THIS DVF SWEATER REMIND YOU OF THOSE ITALIAN RAINBOW COOKIES? Only me? Ugh. Literally everything reminds me of sweets since I gave them up for Lent. I mean why would I do that????? Well let’s not get into that because the questioning of my sacrifices is definitely sacrilegious. I’m proud to report I’m going strong though! And have decided nutella doesn’t count. Ugh, sorry I swear I’m trying!  No ice cream, cookies, chocolate, cake, candy, donuts, pastries…. SEND HELP.

Anyway, this sweater is perfect for any monochrome loving babe looking to add a little color to her life. It’s such a hero piece when you pair it with black and white. Have you ever worn something more than once and received so many compliments only one of the times? When you style around an item your eye should naturally be drawn to that item. Sure, this sweater would look fun with a leather jacket and a silver metallic skirt, but then you tend to miss the sweater. The metallic skirt takes over, and even though it’s still a match made in heaven, the sweater doesn’t stand as strong anymore. It depends on what look you’re going for but I’m definitely not the type of girl who wants to go bold like that all the time. But hey, the sweater works both ways so do you.

Now I’m going to go day dream about cream filled croissants from Sant Ambroeus…

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