Best Shoe Investments

Today I’m rounding up the best shoe investments! I’m also breaking down exactly where you should start your investment shoe collection (aka future shoe wall) depending on your lifestyle. First we’ll start with what I’d like to call my holy grail shoe selection:
Best Investment Shoes

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So now that I’ve rounded up the basics: Classic pumps in black and nude, black boots both tall and short, statement pumps, animal printed pumps, flats and a day to night sandal; where do you start? Here’s a some questions you can ask yourself to help you narrow it down:

1. What shoe will give you the best value? What will you wear again and again? If you work in an office and always wear pumps, then how important is it to you to own short black boots? Do you find yourself wearing old boots to work and feeling uncomfortable or do you not even own short black boots? Your first step should be to play the devil’s advocate with yourself. Don’t start with a shoe that’s going to sit in your closet.

Hypothetical answer: I work in NYC, I take the subway, I regularly wear flats to work, I don’t have any events coming up where I would need heels, Fall is approaching. I should look at boots and potentially flats.

2. What do you already own that still has a lot of life left in it? If you already have perfectly good say, Kate Spade or Vince Camuto, patent leather nude pumps, don’t start with a designer patent leather nude pump. It’s wasteful to your old faithful and still in good shape nude pumps, but also, if you get something so similar to what you already have, they won’t feel as special. Trust.

Hypothetical answer: I have perfectly good short Marc Fisher boots and tall Stuart Weitzman boots from last season, so I should look at new flats!

3. What will you feel the most comfortable in style and fit wise? If you’ve ever tried on Louboutin’s, you will probably agree with me when I say, don’t purchase 120mm heels, especially if you don’t wear heels everyday. I know this because I’ve tried these on (and own them) and because I don’t wear heels that often anymore, now they are super uncomfortable. Moral of the story, you have to try on shoes before you purchase them. Also, If you’re not comfortable in a black pump, say maybe you’re on the shorter side and really rely on a nude pump to lengthen your legs, then go nude!

Hypothetical answer: I always go for ballet flats, but I find them very feminine and my style is more tomboy-ish. I’ve also had a problem where a ballet flat cuts into the front of my toes making them very uncomfortable towards the end of the day.

Hypothetical verdict: What’s Gucci?! I mean, the Gucci loafers obvi.

Ah hah!

So now that you’ve come to a final consensus, once you purchase your shoes:
– Don’t be afraid to wear them, you’ve invested now enjoy them!
– Just because they’re good quality shoes, doesn’t mean they won’t need some TLC to get a long last. Always remove scuff marks, replace heels/ soles when needed and keep those babies shined!

This thought process will help you every time you’re adding to your collection. So use it over and over again!

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