Simply Spotlight: Track Pants You Can Wear Anywhere (Yes You Read That Right!)

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Today we’re talking track pants. If you need some reassurance, trust me, you don’t have to look like a tomboy when you wear them. With the athleisure trend running ramped, this was definitely a style I could easily wrap my head around. Comfortable, casual and easy to wear, this laid back trend can sometimes be hard to wear without feeling a bit frumpy. So I thought it would be great to showcase a look featuring these pants in a look that can be worn almost anywhere.

Don’t be afraid to wear heels with your sporty spice pants! I find this is the easiest way to make track pants dinner out at a restaurant acceptable. Then pair them with a blouse, a half tuck can also work! This Elizabeth and James blouse is probably a year or two old if my memory serves me correctly. It drives me crazy when people don’t wear their old investment pieces! I’m sorry that you can’t shop this exact blouse, but that’s what fashion is about. My style is mine. It should inspire you to be more you. How can you cater this look to your style? What would you do differently? Comment below, I would love to know!

PS. I was almost not going to write this post. I’ve been extremely drained lately and I’m so thankful MDW is finally here.

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