Why You Should Start Holiday Shopping Now

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So if you haven’t guessed it today I’m talking about why you should start holiday shopping now! Along with this, I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty and home gifts from Nordstrom! Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on these items!

On the flip side, don’t get me wrong, I hate rushing into the holidays. It’s way too much for me when they’re setting up the Christmas decorations the day before Halloween. So you may be thinking why am I telling you that you should start holiday shopping now? Well first off its mid-November already so I’m ready to get my creativity flowing, so I can get the BEST gifts for everyone! Plus Hanukkah starts December 12th this year so you have to get going!

Still not convinced?

Four reasons why you should start holiday shopping now:

1. No huge January bills/ not spending all your money in one month. I cannot stress this enough, even if you’re paying for everything up front the holidays can get expensive. Start early so you don’t get stressed over money.

2. It prolongs the season. I love thinking about my friends and what they would like/need. I start picking their brains early so they’re super surprised when they get their gifts.

3. Better deals. I worked in retail for a LONG time. Trust me when I tell you that the closer you get to the actual holidays, the fewer chances you’ll score a great deal on something.

4. Don’t miss out. Everyone hates the words “sold out” but even more so when you’ve finally come up with the perfect gift and now you can’t get it.

To get you thinking about gifts I wanted to share some of my favorite best-deal beauty gifts from Nordstrom! I also love having a few candles around in case I get invited anywhere last minute. Or if someone else gets’s invited to a gift exchange or if I accidentally forget someone [it happens to the best of us]!

Shop my Nordstom Picks!

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