Motivation Monday

Let’s just be realistic for a second, Monday definitely needs all the help it can get. Not an easy day to start and not an easy day to get through, Monday sets the tone for the week ahead. It’s so important to be aware this morning on how you set your tone for the week. Before you get up, just think about all the good you do have in your life. It helps put the week into perspective.


It’s always hard dealing with other people on a Monday. They’re just not as happy, not as excited and pleasant as they usually are on a Friday. Actually, you find sucky people every day of the week. It’s so easy to get upset with some one else’s poor attitude and negative thoughts. Don’t let someone else change the way you carry yourself or the way you react to a situation. It’s important to ignore them, still respect them and respectfully walk away from them. Their is always going to be a bad egg (to be nice) where ever you go. It’s important that we don’t let these people effect who we are.

IMG_7943 IMG_7942

I worked Saturday (day 6 I might add), and went to lunch with a good friend on Sunday (pictured above). Let me tell you, one day off does not do it. We went to this cute little beach bar/restaurant on the water. I swear company is so important. I could be anywhere, but if it’s with a good friend, it doesn’t matter what were doing, I always have a great time.

Well, that was my weekend and my Monday advice/motivation. Before you even start anything..


haha! Have some coffee, it’s my personal favorite way to start everyday! Have a great week and I hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks!