Motivation Monday!



This weekend I was lucky enough to be off both Saturday and Sunday, which only happens once a month. I love having two jobs + my blog (which is not a job because my heart is always here, I truly love this). My point of this being, I love running into pleasant, happy and kind strangers. With two days off, I did a lot of blog prep and running around. Sunday I went shopping with my mom and we met a woman in the dressing room. She was asking our opinion on clothes and was just so nice. Living in New York, it’s really something I don’t find a lot, and it’s something I strive to be; outgoing and kind. I find it easy to surround myself with good people, but when you run into a kind and genuinely pleasant person, it’s very uplifting.

Today, I challenge you not to have a miserable Monday attitude, but instead, be kind to anyone that you come in contact with. Say good morning to the people you pass walking into work, hold the door for someone, ask the new person wherever you may be, how their weekend was. Spread kindness, the world could use a little.




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