Motivation Monday!


You know when something just speaks to you? That was this quote. You cannot appreciate the good that you have in your life without the pain, struggle and heartache. Darkness is such a beautiful gift. I swear by the fact that people who have had everything given to them and have never had to deal with anything, CANNOT truly understand how good your soul feels when things are good. When shit is bad, say your in-between jobs, struggling with money, struggling in your relationships, death, dealing with betrayal – it sucks, its depressing, painful and it just plain sucks. The first wonderful thing that happens after dealing with great darkness is so beautiful. Have you ever had a time where you haven’t laughed in a while because you’ve been dealing with something, and the all of a sudden your with a good friend and you just laugh? How amazing is that? It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

I always reflect on my struggle. My journey is different. My starting point is different. My cards are different. I am not like anyone else.

Today, I challenge you to look back on a hard time and appreciate it. Be thankful for it. For without the hard times, you would never to truly be able to appreciate the good times in your life.