Motivation Monday!

Pro tip:


I chose this quote today because it’s something SO important to remember. I love fashion, shopping, jewelry, trends, things – I love things; but they are not who I am. My Chanel bag doesn’t make me feel better than anyone else, or define my personality. It’s just a thing, that I love, but again, it’s just a bag. It’s not my family, it’s not my friends, it’s not a great night out or an amazing experience that helps me grow as a person, its a fucking bag. It’s a nice bag and I’m happy I have it, but you always have to remember that you are not what you have. I would take a fun time over a new pair of shoes ANY DAY. What I lack in my life is paid vacation time, so therefor I end up with stuff. But never buy something so that it could define you, I don’t have a brand new car because I don’t need one. I’m SO happy I don’t have a car payment. Does that make me less of a person? NO.

Today I challenge you to reevaluate the value you put on your personal items. It’s always worth it to socialize and go out with a few friends over saving every dime you make for a new Celine bag. I’m personally guilty of it here and there, when I really want something, but waiting a few more weeks won’t kill you, and you never get back missed time with the people who matter. Don’t let your things own you.

Have a great Monday and thanks for reading!