Motivation Monday!


Your circle of friends is very important. Who you keep around you, can really depict your own mood and attitude. When you’re with that annoying dramatic friend, all the time, you can’t possibly be in a good mood. Keep happy, positive, motivated people in your most inner circle. The more good you surround yourself with the more positive your life will be. Just because you’ve had a friend since you were in 1st grade or 5 years old, doesn’t make them a good person to have constantly in your life. It’s ok to keep these people at arms length, and it certainly does not make you a bad person for choosing to do so.

This Monday I challenge you to reevaluate the people you let be the closest to you. Make a positive change an surround yourself with positive people!

This weekend I had hibachi and brunch in NYC. Aka I should probably be running 3 miles right now and not typing this (kidding, I’ll just run after work). As miserable as that whole running part sounds, I did have a very good weekend that included A LOT of food. It happens. Take a look..


This was actually Saturday, I always like to try on what I think I’m going to wear before I actually go to wear it. That’s why I’m not wearing any makeup in this picture.


Car selfie. Don’t say you’ve never done it!


Anyway, that was my weekend and my Monday words of advice. I hope you have a great week and really take advantage of these last few weeks of August, I know I am!