Men’s Holiday Gifts Under 50 Dollars

When it comes to buying gifts for guys it can literally drive me insane. Which is why I knew I had to come up with a gift guide showcasing men’s holiday gifts under 50 dollars. Where there are too many things to choose from for women, I feel like there is never enough for men. When I asked you to vote on insta stories what gift guides you wanted to see first, between men and women, men won at 79%! I kind of knew most of you would pick men, because they are so hard to shop for, but wow, 79% is a big percentage!

So, all your holiday shopping prayers have been answered. I have curated a complete list of gifts for the men in your life! Dad, brothers, uncles, cousins and boyfriends, it will be easy to find something below. I’m starting off with gifts under 50 dollars so that everyone can find something, but I will also do another guide under 200 dollars in the coming weeks! Hover over any image and click to shop! Yes, it’s that easy!

I think my favorite item is the pistachio tray. I feel like all men love pistachios and always make a mess! HA! So when I saw that tray I knew I had to order it for my dad. My second favorite items are the Tupac socks and Michael Jackson socks. I have no idea why I just find them soooo funny. What are you favorites?! Comment below!

Shop Men’s Holiday Gifts Under 50 Dollars

(Hover over any image and click to shop!)


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  1. December 5, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    Some really cool gifts in here 🙂