How to Disconnect and Feel Fully Revived Afterwords

No, this is not only about putting your cell phone away. Check out some of my tips [that I practice] on how to disconnect and feel revived afterward!

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There used to be a time when you left work and the only way your boss could contact you was on your land line aka home phone [insane, I know]. Now along with never being disconnected from work, we also never disconnect from our family and friends either thanks to social media. So how do you truly disconnect?

It’s not the easiest thing to do and no, you don’t have to go to a remote area to truly feel disconnected. Removing yourself from the stressors in your life is healthy and refreshing. It allows you to collect your thoughts and feelings in a totally unbiased space.

First, decide what you’re looking to disconnect from. Is it work, social media, a particular friend that is driving you nuts? Think about what stresses you out. Disconnecting is defined as “breaking the connection of or between.” What are you trying to get away from, even if it’s just for a minimal amount of time?

I like to disconnect from social media and work. For my blog, I find I’m most inspired by my environment so it’s important that I live in the present. For work, I find I’m more focused the next day when I don’t obsess about my day when I leave work.

My personal tips on how to disconnect:

No cell phones in bed. I’ve put this into action about a week or so ago and I haven’t been happier since. It’s true… you will sleep better! I wake up feeling refreshed and revived. There is nothing so important at 11:00 p.m. at night that needs to be answered ASAP (unless you’re a nurse or police officer) everything else can wait until the morning. Especially scrolling through Instagram for hours [guilty].

Don’t talk about work on the weekends. Talking it out can be totally therapeutic and help you come to conclusions, but I save that for dinner during the week. If you’re obsessing and stressing your self out over your job on the weekends, it’s time to reevaluate your career choice. Set aside time on the weekends to be fully present. Tell the voice in your head that keeps talking about work to stop!

Learn how to meditate. I’m by no means an expert at meditation, but I am a master at clearing my mind. I learned early on to stop thinking about every single solitary thing that happened to me during the day while I was trying to fall asleep. Get inside your head and tell yourself to think about nothing or listen to yourself breathe. I’ve also counted sheep. Find what works and clear your mind.

Send to voicemail. We all have the one friend that drives you crazy. It’s OK not to answer a text or send you friend to voicemail. Don’t let people pass off their crazy onto you.

Be observant. Realize what’s going on around you. I’m guilty of listening to music on the train and subway in an effort to disconnect from what’s going on around me. But, I’ll tell you the best way to disconnect is to be in the moment. Listening to music is just a distraction when there is so much going on in your environment. Try to day dream a little and let your mind wander. More on this here. 

A few notes on feeling revived: 

When you disconnect you can sometimes feel guilty afterward, especially when it comes to work and your friends/family. You may think “I wish I answered that email last night” or “why didn’t I just pick up the call from so-and-so?”. The main thing to remember is that you become a more relaxed, clear-minded person when you disconnect. You can focus even better when you’re reconnected. And disconnecting isn’t forever, it’s just for a few hours. So if someone can’t understand why you didn’t answer their DM, then maybe they’re too demanding on your time.

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