Travel Recap: My Stay in Aruba

Aruba-Holiday Inn-Room ViewThe view from our balcony.

Ariba Aruba! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I recently traveled to Aruba for a vacation. Obviously being the person that I am, I took tons of photos while I was there. I also received tons of questions from you all! So I’m going to do a little recap.


First, located on Palm Beach, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort. If you’re looking for a hotel, our cab driver pointed out to us on the way to our resort that many of the hotels on Eagle beach are not located directly on the beach. You have the cross the street which was relatively busy to get to the beach every day. It didn’t look like a far walk, but just something to point out. The Holiday Inn was clean and the staff was friendly. There are so many great hotels located on Palm Beach. I definitely feel like I got a good deal at the Holiday Inn. Food was OK.


Speaking of food, let me tell you about some of my faves! First, there’s a path that runs in between the beach and hotels. Once you find this path, find the Playa Linda Beach Resort. There’s a froyo place on the path that is UNREAL. We had smoothies for lunch almost everyday.

Next, for dinner my favorites were Iguana Cantina, Smokey Joe’s and Salt n’ Pepper. All three are located across the street from the hotels. Did I mention I felt super safe? You could come and go as you pleased from any hotel. I digress, back to food. Outside the resort there were also Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts! And also every other American fast food chain too, we didn’t try any of those.

I would suggested not getting an all inclusive hotel. There are so many great local restaurants in Palm beach to try!

The Beach..

So now on to the beach! It was truly unreal, which is why I love going to the caribbean. Even if your hotel and food sucks, that view is worth it all. The beach had a lot of coral on the water line our first day making it hurt to walk in but after that it was fine. I’m not sure what causes that or if the hotel removes it, but it was really only bad on our first day. Either way that water is so clear and beautiful I honestly didn’t care one bit! There are plenty of vendors out on the beaches if you want to do any water sports. I didn’t do a thing, I’m a bit of a neurotic and convince myself I’ll die in a far away island if I do something like that. LOL I’m crazy, whatever.

One thing I didn’t do that I would definitely do if I go back is take a trip to Flamingo Island! The island is owned by the Renaissance Hotel. Located downtown near Eagle beach, it was about twenty minutes away from the Holiday Inn. If you stay at the Renaissance hotel it’s free for you to go to the island, for everyone else it’s $100 per person. I was only in Aruba for five days so I decided to save that for next time! Here’s the Island’s website.

Holiday Inn-Aruba-Palm Beach-Palm Trees

You have to ask to rent those umbrella hut’s the day before. But this is a perfect shot of the path that runs from hotel to hotel!

PAlm tree-Aruba-palm beach-travel blog

Beach-Caribbean-Aruba-Travel Blogger

Pool-holiday inn-Aruba-travel blog
Part of the pool at my hotel!

Playa Linda-Froyo-Fruit-Aruba

Iguana Cantina-Aruba-Food-Mexican

Drink-Aruba-Salt n Pepper-Travel

This is a watermelon mojio from Salt n’ Pepper. They literally had every salt and pepper shaker known to mankind there! How cute are the sunflower ones?!


Mating Iguanas!! LOL I’m such a child, but there were iguana’s everywhere! There was a sanctuary in between my hotel and Marriott next door.

bikini-beach riot-vacation-Aruba

Beach riot bikini | Quay sunglasses 

Palm Beach-Aruba-Vacation Style

Tula Rosa Top | 7FAM Jeans | Marc Fisher Shoes

Aruba-Vacation Style-Outfit-TravelSplendid Top | Hidden Jeans | Mango Sandals

bikini-beach-aruba-palm beach

Platinum Bikini


Tori Praver Bikini  | Alefbet Hamsa Necklace | Freyrs Sunglasses



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