Personal Daily Skincare Routine

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Throughout my years of blogging, one of the most asked questions I receive is what is my skincare routine? Obviously that’s after the number one question, “where’s that from?” I am mainly a fashion/style blogger you know.. So, this post is definitely a long time coming! Skincare is so different than fashion. Although good skin makes you feel good just like good clothes, there is just so much more. First, I’d like to start out with telling you a few things about my skin personally.

My skin is..

  • normal to dry
  • somewhat sensitive. Anything with a heavy fragrance or too many chemical-y ingredients does not agree with my skin.
  • not prone to breakouts. I had pimples as a teenager, but never had acne.
  • thin. Especially under my eyes, my bags will forever live on unfortunately.

So now onto the good stuff! All my favorite products. Remember, these are what work for me and my skin type. Before you start to shop below, I’d like to take a second to thank all of you for your DMs, emails and comments for this post! I love being able to provide you all with content that you enjoy and that may help you!

1. La Mer Moisturizing Cream
aka the holy grail. I use this once every three-four days, usually at night. It’s a thicker cream, but my skin soaks it up!

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
I use this every day at the end of my morning skin routine. This is the perfect basic moisturizer. It barley has any smell and is super light on the skin.

3. Garnier Clearly Bright Anti Puff Eye Roller
This is the first product I use this every morning, under and on top of my eyelids. Instant brightness, especially since have genetic eye circles. #thestruggle

4. Olay Mirco Sculpting Serum
I use this almost every day. It has a great smell and is also super light. I find it makes any small lines I may have even finer.

5. Elizabeth Arden Superstart
I first received this product at an event a few years ago. I now can’t live without it. It works on repairing the top layer of skin where as other repair promising serums and creams target the lower levels of skin. There’s science behind both so I use both kinds LOL. Plus this smells amazing!!

6. Clinique Repairware Laser Focus Eye Cream
I put this all over my eyes, after #3. If under your eyes are properly moisturized you’re concealer will look flawless!

7. Neutrogena Naturals Face Cleansing wipes
How did I live before these?? I hate taking my makeup off at night, despise it actually. But in order to have healthy smooth skin, it has to be cleaned. When I’m extra lazy I only use these (whatever I don’t want to hear how gross you think it is). But normally I use these and then clean my face.

8. Acure cell stimulating facial mask
This is one of my products that I can’t live without but also don’t use all the time. When I feel my skin getting dull and those fine lines not residing, I use this. So maybe that’s once ever two weeks or so.

9. Tula Moisturizer
Like I said, my skin can tend to be dry, so sometimes I double up on the moisturizer. This is the last step before sunblock. PRO TIP: Change up your products. Just like your hair, you skin gets used to items you use over and over again.

10. Elizabeth Arden Privage
This is my switch off serum when I don’t use my Olay. Although, I find myself using a little of both many days.

11. Clinque Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
SO MUCH YES. If you have dry skin this will save your life. It works amazing for me personally.

12. Clinique 7 Day Scrub
This I’ve been using forever. I like to exfoliate at least once a week (if you do it too often your skin can break out and dry out).

Finally, never forget your sunblock! I use this one.

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