Monday Inspo: Know Your Power and Don’t be Afraid to Use It

Know-Your-Power-quote-nikita gil

Haven’t done this in a while, sorry guys! I’ve been receiving so many requests to get back on Motivation Monday’s and it was one of my new years resolutions, so here we are. You’ve got to know your power. What are you good at? What are your passions? Can you name the things you love? Because, if you can’t answer those questions, you definitely do not know your power. The only problem with not knowing is that people can and will take advantage of you.

Has anything good ever happened to you and you tell a friend? And your friend goes “well that’s great but you know it’s probably a trap.” To clarify that, let me give you a scenario…

You’re charismatic, the type of girl or guy that can make anyone laugh. People love being around you. You always find the good in people. See, your personality is your power. Now that you know your power, here is the situation that arises. You’ve been looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend for a while now and you finally find someone who think is the perfect match. You tell this to your friend who responds with the obnoxious “oh, I’m so excited for you, but it’s probably a trap, he must have a kid or something horrible.” Now, you’re questioning your judgement of this guy or girl. But still, you are charismatic, you can have anyone you want solely on that fact that you have a grade A personality. But you have to know your power because if you don’t your “friend” can ruin this relationship for you before it even beings.

People will always fear others who know their own strengths. They will try and bring you down. You know how people will always talk sh*t about the Kardashians. Imagine if they let that get to them in the beginning? If they started to believe they were brainless sex symbols or the other horrible things everyone was calling them? They would have quit. But they didn’t because they knew the power that they held. So, people feared them and tried to bring them down.

In conclusion..

  • Know yourself. You can’t know your power if you don’t know yourself. Are you happy with who you are? What are your passions? What are you good at and what can you be better at?
  • Know your power. What are you good at? It can be something at work like a computer program or excel, maybe you analyze data really well. Think about what your favorite subjects were in school. Maybe it was writing, you always got A’s. Take the time to think about it.
  • Be fearless. Once you know your power, don’t let anyone take it away from you. And never second guess it.