Motivation Monday! Kayne West say what?!


Anyone can be or do anything. It’s as simple as that. I mean I could have used a number of celebrities or your “average” billionaires (ie. Jan Koum the founder of whatsapp who once lived on food stamps or Larry Ellison, creator of Oracle who dropped out of college twice, or need I say Oprah?!) but Kayne seemed like the most well known target. He’s opinionated, reckless, creative and successful. Most importantly, the first thing he was, was average. So many entrepreneurs come from nothing. If I had to tell you what I think got them to where they are, it would be a positive mind and the right amount of risk.

Coming from little or nothing is great, you usually have much less to lose when you take risks. That being said, it’s important to think through these risks wisely and be 100% sure of yourself. You won’t be able to excel in life if you’re constantly thinking that something bad is going to happen.

Today I challenge you to step outside yourself and realize your current situation does not depict your future. Just because you work at a convenience store, doesn’t mean you can’t get into Harvard or become a lawyer. Keep the vibes positive and always take well thought out appropriate risks.


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