Motivation Monday


Work ethic is necessary in today’s society, and not everyone has it. I’m a huge believer in positive thinking and the whole “ask, believe, receive” mantra, but I’ll also be the first to tell you that nothing is going to happen if you’re sitting on your ass. I don’t care who or what you know (obviously this is a part of being successful but definitely not everything), you have to work hard and put yourself out there. You constantly have to do things outside your comfort zone, because that’s where success is born. Don’t be the person who always calls out of work, or who’s always late, or who’s always known for doing the same thing. You can wake up every morning, be on time for work, never late on a deadline, but if that’s all you do, where are you? In the same place. Maybe you get a promotion and get better at what you do, but big success, “the dream” is outside this world. Today I challenge you to go outside your box, do something different, and do whatever it takes to chase your dream!

This Saturday marked my week two of a six day work week. Trust me, it would have been less expensive for me to have stayed home this Saturday than gone into my retail job. Shopaholic problems much? Sunday, I literally just relaxed with family and bought some new beads to make bracelets. Girl needs a break every once and a while..


New Beads!

 I can’t wait to make some new bracelet’s this week. They should be up on my site by the end of the week. Have a great Monday everyone and thanks for reading!