Motivation Monday!


In each stage of my life thus far, I’ve learned to take things less and less personal. First, it was in elementary school, I learned not to take it personal if someone didn’t want to be my friend. In high school, I learned not to take it personal, if a teacher or coach got upset with my class or team. Today, I continue to learn not to take it personal, if someone doesn’t want to collaborate with me or join my team at work. It’s a beautiful thing when you realize it’s not always about you. I don’t think I ever had a “the world revolves around me” type of attitude, but more of a caring sensitivity about what others thought of/about me. Either way, the second you let that concern or that me-centric attitude go, you start to live a new life. It’s best to do things because you want to not because of what others think about you. To not dwell events that weren’t even about you.

What’s something you always take personal?


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