Motivation Monday!


Sacrifice is what Mondays are made of. As we all wake up to go to school or work, we sacrifice our time and most importantly sleep to do what we think is right. You may have studied or relaxed this weekend to be prepared for a test or presentation. You may have worked six days in a row to earn an extra day off. We all constantly make sacrifices in order to live the best life possible. So, as you drag your ass out of bed this morning, remember that this is all serving a purpose. If you don’t sacrifice for your grades in school and your don’t sacrifice to be on time for work or to give your best effort at anything you do, then everything you desire will end up being a sacrifice. You’ll never end up being the CEO of anything if you can’t get to class or work on time.

This Monday I challenge you to continue to sacrifice. I challenge you to embrace these sacrifices reminding yourself that if you don’t sacrifice now everything you want will be your sacrifice. Such wise words, let’s get it!