Motivation Monday


Happy MONDAY! This Monday I want you to choose your mood! Even if you’re cranky right now because it’s Monday, it’s early and you have to go to work or school, leave that all in bed. Stand up take a deep breath and choose to be happy!

We let so many outside factors define our mood, even something as simple as the fact that it’s Monday. Monday doesn’t suck, you’ve just convinced yourself it does. Every day you go to work you further your career and make money (that you need for that Celinè bag you’ve been eyeing, oh wait that’s me..) which allows you to be an independent person. Every day you go to school you continue your education and broaden your horizons and open up future opportunities. I mean, what the hell is so bad about that? NOTHING. Don’t walk around being cranky and miserable, the only person that you’re hurting is yourself. Life is not a guarantee, so appreciate everyday and choose to be in a good mood.

This week I challenge you to wake up every morning and be happy. Even if you wake up cranky due to daylight savings time or you get out of bed and step in your dogs shit, I challenge you to let all that go, laugh it off and smile. Tell yourself you’re happy and it’s going to be a great week. I swear it will make all the difference!