Motivation Monday!


BUT I’M TOO NEUROTIC TO LET GO OF CONTROL!!! Haha, sorry but it’s kind of true. Personally, it’s something I’m always working on and reminding myself, not everything has to work out in the way that I think it should. It’s so important to relax and take life day-by-day. Just because something doesn’t work out right the first time, doesn’t mean it won’t work out perfectly in the future. Jobs, friends, relationships, will all work out the way that they should. The great thing about failures is what you learn, and they mean they you’re trying. Everything works out the way it should when it should.

So this Monday is a personal challenge for myself and for you. Take deep breaths, and let go. Forget about your worries and let everything happen as it should. Take each moment for what it is, just a moment. They go by so fast, and in another moment you’ll be dealing with something new.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!