Motivation Monday!


Happy last Motivation Monday of 2014!! Since I’ve finished college in 2013, I swear the years go by faster and faster. The quote I choose today 100% relates to my physical status right now. I literally feel like I’m going to vom and have been off (what I call sick when I don’t want to admit I’m getting sick) all day. I didn’t feel like doing anything today (or even right now) but I push myself to do what I need to do. In order to be successful you need to be willing to always do what you have to do. I love writing and running my blog, but with two other jobs, it sometimes becomes stressful. I’ll never stop going and working hard for what I want. Rundown, without a vacation in the need future, feeling sick, exhausted and ITS ALL WORTH IT. Every second I remind myself all the work is all worth it. Be tenacious, success is never easy.

As we close 2014 this week I challenge you to “do what you need to do whether you feel like it or not.” Set and example for 2015 and close out your year on a high note.