Motivation Monday!



Although I’m one to sometimes want everything given to me, I happy that it’s not so. It’s so easy to have everything handed to you, everything paid for. Last week I talked about building character. Working hard for everything builds character, struggling and earning things on your own, builds character. So why in the world would I want everything to be easy? To be given everything? The truth is, I don’t want that and you shouldn’t either. Am I still going to complain about it? Of course I am. Complain, whine, breakdown and then let it go. No one is going to hand you anything. (Well maybe some people will) But trust me you don’t want that. Who would you be? What would you stand for? How would you comprehend hard work?

I work for everything that I have. Of course I’ve been fortunate to be given great gifts by my family, friends and boyfriend but the bulk of my designer nonsense is all my own. I worked hard, and bought things that I wanted. Purchased my own car and am paying for most of my own college. It makes me who I am and I wouldn’t give that up for the world. It makes me truly appreciate and take good care of everything that I have.

This week I challenge you to work for something that you want. Create a savings plan for a new item, a future vacation, a business venture, a new roof for your home, what ever will make you happy. Don’t ask someone else for it. The satisfaction you will receive doing it on your own will be a far greater gift than anything you’ve ever been given (well almost).

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great week!