Light Up The World; Motivation Monday

motivation monday-quote-light-positivity

First of all, I know I’m long overdo for a Motivation Monday post! Especially because it’s something you guys have been asking for! Have you ever heard you are who you surround yourself with? And, another favorite quote of mine, birds of a feather flock together (now that’s a throwback Thursday one LOL)? Well, it’s true. So, if you want all aspects of your life to be good, you need to be the light for others. Especially those who you surround yourself with. Be positive, look at the glass half full, and be a total optimist.

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that you didn’t want to keep entertaining? Where someone is talking about someone else (so uncomfortable), or complaining? You don’t have to feed into this. Additionally, it is your choice¬†to not complain with this person or talk shit. First, don’t agree with them. Second, bring the conversation back to the good side. It’s probably best to say something like “I hear where you’re coming from but, how great was X”. X can be a nice comment about that person or something you enjoyed about the topic. Don’t let them drag you into the negativity.

Finally, always remind yourself that are the light. You are goodness. And sometimes, people just need a push back in the right direction if they’re having a bad day. You can be the person that changes someone’s day or life. Be their light. Love unconditionally, do only things that make you happy and surround yourself with good. While¬†most people will choose to light up with you, there will be people who can’t stand it. Either way, continue to inspire others to see your light and to see the good.