Insuring Retail’s Future: A Solution

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Top: Tularosa | Denim: Guess (old) similar | Shoes: Marc Fisher, in black here | Bag: Saint Laurent, similar here (and such a steal!) | Sunglasses: Gucci, similar (only $125!) | Belt: Club Monaco

Insuring retail’s future is a topic that has come up in every fashion house. Personally, I need stores. Although I have little leisure time to shop in a store these days, I still love the experience of shopping. Touching, feeling, interaction, the ability to try things on – it’s truly a great therapy. With that said, the fact is that I still do not have much time left over to go shopping anymore. Myself, like many others out there, have to resort to the never ending buy-exchange-buy again cycle that is online shopping. Which I’m not knocking either, but it’s true.

It’s important that we insure retail’s future so that people leave the house to go shopping. Sometimes I worry that we’ll all actually turn out like the mankind that’s portrayed in the Disney movie Wall-E. So, give me a problem and I will find a solution. As I was purchasing these Marc Fisher wedges (that you literally can’t find anywhere online in a size 6) in Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, the thought came to me. Force people back into stores. Have limited availability of certain very popular items online and then keep the stock in store. It’s genius. If I would have known that these shoes were in stock in store WEEKS ago you bet my butt would have made time to go shopping. It doesn’t have to be every item, but the items that everyone wants. Limited release online, more in store. I love the internet but also as a Libra I love interaction (and balance) and I don’t want us to turn into a Wall-E like society. Insuring retail’s future is important to me.

Also, in my instant at Bloomies I purchased two other pairs of shoes and a shirt. Things I definitely would have never purchased online. Win-win.

You’re welcome retail world.

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