How To: Layer Necklaces

Hi All! Today I’m going to share something I love to do, which is layering necklaces! It took me sometime to mix metals and find out exactly what I liked together. Here are some of my tips and tricks!


I think everyone should have a bar necklace. The top gold necklace is by Argentino Vivo. I found a similar one at Nordstrom here. I found mine at Bloomingdales if you like the hammered metal look. I like that Nordstrom offers a name engraving option, you can leave it blank or even put love, hope or peace for a more generic look. Another one of my favorite bar necklaces that I’ve had my eye on for some time is by Jennifer Zeuner, here. This is a simple look, but I love the touch with the small diamond on the bar. If you want fine jewelry, I suggest you check out MeiraT, I love this 14k white gold diamond bar necklace, here.

The Om necklace is by dogeared, in gold here. I found a silver wishbone I also like, here. What I love about dogeared is that it’s very affordable and still quality, the silver is sterling and the gold is 14k gold-dipped sterling silver. This is another great option, a fine jewelry piece that’s also a great price, by Dana Rebecca, here. I love this little diamond star and the delicate rose-gold chain. TIP: Rose-gold does not look good on everyone, I suggest trying rose gold on before buying. Some shades are better than others and can work with your coloring. Personally I haven’t found anything rose gold I love on my skin tone.

My Cross is from when I was a baby, so I don’t have a link for that. I love this diamond Cross by Tiffany & Co, here. MeiraT makes a beautiful Star of David pendent, here. If you’re not really into religious symbols, I suggest an infinity necklace or a hamsa, both are relatively neutral symbols.


My dogtag necklace, above, is by David Yurman. The link to my dogtag was not working, but here’s a link to a dogtag search, the one I have is just about in the middle of the page. It’s honestly something I always get tons on compliments on. I think people are attracted to the mother of pearl (MOP) and diamond combination. TIP: Always invest in a staple piece!


I love mixing fashion and fine pieces of jewelry. More than half the time people assume I’m wearing all fine jewelry, just because of a few staple pieces, like my dogtag. I mirrored this look, above, from one of my coworkers who wore a two tone David Yurman link necklace, here, and a gold Roberto Coin necklace, here. I love how she paired the two, so I found a way to make a less expensive copy of the look. TRICK: This chunky silver necklace below is something I found at Charming Charlie’s, for all of $15. I found a similar look, here. My only tip with fashion jewelry is that you must take very good care of it. Never get it wet, and always (this is my rule in general) put lotion and perfume on 1st! I left on my other two smaller necklaces to complete the look.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking it too. How could someone talk so much about layering necklaces? I didn’t think there was so much to it until I started writing it down. So here’s a quick recap:

  • I love mixing dainty pieces with chunky ones.
  • You can layer all metal colors together.
  • Don’t over layer, if you put on too many smaller pieces they end up sticking together in the center.
  • Make sure you buy necklaces with different length options or in just different lengths in general (16” and 18” are most common).
  • Be careful with rose-gold, always try it on first to make sure you like it with your coloring.
  • Treat your fashion jewelry like it’s fine jewelry.
  • Mix fashion and fine!
  • Invest in staple pieces.