Who Deserves your Attention? Monday Inspiration

Who Deserves your Attention-Monday Inspiration

It’s not always clear who exactly deserves your attention. But the worst thing you can do is give the wrong people your attention and time. Some of my best advice to make sure you’re not paying attention and giving your time to the wrong people, is as follows:

-Trust your gut. If you’re questioning someone’s intentions or reasoning, there’s probably a reason for it.
-If they do something horrible to someone you know. This is the, “if someone gossips to you, they probably gossip about you” scenario. So, for example, they screw someone out of a deal, don’t think they won’t screw you too.
-They’re all talk. When someone says they’re going to do something and they don’t do it. I always like to see the best in people and give the benefit of the doubt, but there comes a point when you should realize this person is not a go-getter and you’re wasting your time.

I personally find that I have a very exceptional circle of people I choose to surround myself with. It’s not a big circle, but I can be sure I’m NEVER wasting my attention or time. When they need me, I’m there, no matter what. Giving people who don’t deserve your attention can and will make your life more difficult. A bad relationship and a bad friendship can be toxic. So, remember, if you’re questioning someone’s involvement in your life, rememeber that the next time they’re demanding your attention. Are they worth it?

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