Dealing With A Bad Day – When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left

It’s not a bad life, just a bad day. 

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Happy Friday! I was basically on the brink of a nervous breakdown every day this week. So I thought it would be great to talk about how to deal with a bad day. Or a bad week, month ect. Because they do happen, even if you’re living your best life, like I am in these photos. I’m really good at brushing things that bother me off. But sometimes the littlest thing (like when I spilled coffee all over my vanity yesterday) sets me off. It’s like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I let so many little things build up until I just can’t take it. *Cue the hysterical waterworks* [dramatic, I know].

Luckily, I can joke around and call myself dramatic because I truly realize the extent of my bigger picture. Which is that I’m healthy and surrounded by an amazing family, boyfriend and friends. My bigger picture is not bad, and I can totally see that when my head is clear. But sometimes the coffee spills and at that the moment I lose it.

3 Things That Will Help You Deal With A Bad Day:

  1. Feel and understand. If you feel like crying, cry. If you’re sad about something, be sad. Feeling our emotions is just as important as understanding where they’re coming from. Obviously the coffee spill wasn’t what was actually bothering me. It was that my room was a mess (which is why I spilled my coffee) and I feel like I don’t have any extra time to clean and organize it. In general, I feel like my time isn’t mine. Knowing what you’re actually upset about is the first step in making it better.
  2. Schedule something to look forward to. Or buy the shoes. (Mom, since I know you’re reading this, I did not buy the Givenchy boots! LOL) Do something for yourself that will make you happy. Schedule a massage or a dinner with a good friend. Having things to look forward lifts my mood tenfold. For me, it makes the little thing I’ve planned for myself that much more exciting.
  3. Work on improving your big picture [or appreciating it]. As a Libra, a blessing and a curse that I have is that I’m very logical. Seeing the bigger picture is a great skill to have. Once I’ve cried it out, understood what made me upset and booked a massage, I like to appreciate and approve upon my bigger picture. This really helps me fully get out of the funk that I’m in. I live a great life that I’m very thankful for. I’m not sick, I have a job that I love and a successful blog that I built all on my own. Yet, my room is a f*cking shit show and I commute to the city so I feel like I have no extra time to get it together. I also haven’t been able to make my 5:30 a.m. workout because I’ve felt so over worked. So I look outside and appreciate my life, my big picture. This always gives me the energy to do what I have to do.

Finally.. I just wait for the next neurotic breakdown to come and do it all again! Haha! Seriously, don’t take anything too serious. Not to sound cliche but you only get one go at this, you might as well have some fun! Getting upset, overwhelmed and having bad days are important because it makes you appreciate the good ones. So, the next time nothing is going right.. go left!

What helps you get out of a bad day funk?

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  1. August 29, 2017 / 10:29 am

    Aw I hope your day pics up. I meditate, do something that’s a quick win, get cuddles from my kids or watch a movie and take a break

    x. Total Awkward

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