Channeling Edie Sedgwick Sans Fur Coat and Living Lightly

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I love how fashion can remind you of anything or anyone. This jacket worn as a dress reminds me of how the infamous Edie Sedgwick always rocked her fur coats with bodysuits only underneath. Living life on her own terms hanging out with Andy Warhol at the Factory. What a cool era to live in. These Chanel combat boots remind me of my 22nd birthday. I can’t being to explain to you how badly I “had to” have them. Afterwords, I thought a better gift would have been Louboutins, but you live and you learn. My point being is they remind me of a particular situation, just like my coat worn as a dress reminds me of Edie Sedgwick. Fashion has a way of making you think and provoking our emotions.

On the other side of the spectrum I had a nice laugh when my boyfriend suggested this look made me a lumber chick LOL I swear if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re living life all wrong. So now, every time I wear this jacket going forward I’ll think I’m lumberchick (and no, not lumber chic). And potentially run around saying I AM LUMBERCHICK (obviously only when the appropriate moment presents itself). Hahaha You have to choose to laugh, see the good in the bad and not take anything seriously. Anything. I love making fun of myself, sometimes I just do the strangest things so why not?! Finally, your priority in life should always be to laugh more and to be as happy as possible as often as possible.

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