I Used Nexxus Products For A Month. Here’s What Happened.

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I’m pretty much up for any challenge, so I decided that a great way to try out my new Nexxus hair products (c/o) would be to try them for a month straight.

But first, let me take you back to the beginning. I started this process with an official protein treatment hair mask at the Nexxus Salon in TriBeCa. The salon was nothing short of spectacular, in both aesthetics and function. The first thing I noticed when I walked back to get my hair washed was the funny looking chairs and sinks. What I found out is that the chairs literally lift you up and place your head in the sink. So there is no neck pain at all! Corinna did my hair mask and turns out we actually had a lot in common! She had friends that went to the same college as me and also knew the area I grew up in very well! Corinna walked me through and educated me on the entire process. In addition, she advised me how I should care for my hair going forward. I left with what felt like the hair I was most likely born with. It felt soft, healthy and manageable. I also felt empowered knowing I knew what I needed to do for my hair going forward.

Once I was all done with that, Emely blow-dried and styled my hair. We also had a friend in common and she used to work in Greenwich Connecticut, which is super close to where I live. I asked her for some goddess waves and I got exactly that! What I loved, even more, was her encouragement. We obviously started following each other on social media and when I insta-storied about burning my arm on the curling wand, she messaged me and told me it happens to everyone even the pros like herself. There is nothing like girl power, am I right?!

I used only Nexxus products on my hair for a month, here’s what happened:

  • My hair is noticeably healthier. I see way less breakage and my hair lays flatter with fewer fly-aways.
  • I’ve had a decent amount of hair growth. At least I think so and so do you guys from all the messages I get. I didn’t measure, but it looks a lot longer and fuller!
  • Their dry shampoo smells AMAZING. Sometimes the day after I wash my hair I would use the dry shampoo just because it smelled soooo good! My boyfriend agreed!

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Hit play below to see the protein mask treatment in action! 



*Post in collaboration with Nexxus. I received a complimentary hair treatment and products from Nexxus. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. 



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