Motivation Monday!

You should never let your circumstances depict your life or direction. There’s countless examples of people triumphing over adversity. To name a few, Jim Carrey used to be homeless, no one would sign Jay-Z, Steve Jobs got fired from his own company and you can google Oprah’s childhood to read about how bad she had it. (Also a great Forbes article on this topic found here) I’m sure a decent number of your reading this post don’t have it that bad, as I think it safe to guess that most of you are reading this on a $300+ iPhone with a bill of at least $90 a month, catch my drift? My point is, it can always be worse. I’m not saying that just because you have money or if you don’t (you could even be reading this from a library computer), you should never let your upbringing or your circumstances hold you back. You are you own person and you make your own choices. Now tell me, what are you made of?


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