Motivation Monday!

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You can either be friends with people who see the best in everything or the worst. Venting and complaining to your mom or girlfriends is one thing, being negitive is another. As a former hater of all things (circa 2003) I can tell you, it’s so much better to be positive. It becomes sad to choose to see only problems after a while, why would you want to live like that? Or live in a world where everything is a problem in your point on view. Change your thoughts and change your surroundings. If you have negitive friends or get negitive comments on Instagram ect., stand up for yourself where appropriate, otherwise ignore the comments and get those people out of your life. It can even be at work. If you’re around people who always talk about hating their job, it inevitably makes you think about your job differently. Constant complaining can be powerful, but so can constant gratitude. 

I hope you this reminds you to choose to be positive this week  (and always) and to expel the negitive thoughts and people from your life! 
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