Motivation Monday!

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TRUTH. At least for me and I’m sure some of you. I am never ready to do anything. Whether it was throwing my first back-hand-spring or jumping off a diving bird for the first time at Lake aisle (where my Westchester peeps at?!) I am never truly ready for my next crazy idea. I’m neurotic and terrified so trust me when I tell you while planning a trip to a five star resort with one of my girl friends, I think about wether or not a bartender may roofie me and murder me. Those thoughts are real and they’re scary because something bad can always happen. The most important thing is that I NEVER let those thoughts hold me back. I’m never going to be ready, and I always have the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach before I do something new or scary, but I trudge forward with all my heart and do exactly what I want, with no fear (rather will all my fears, but I just fucking do it). 

This week I challenge you to pull the trigger on something you know you’re not ready to do. I promise It will be the best decision you ever made. 



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