Motivation Monday!

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2016 and back at it! If you’re like me, and have been off the past week or two, I’ll help you set the stage for your (leap) year back on the daily grind. Today’s quote is something that I try very hard to live by. It’s not just being positive or nice to others, but it’s about being kind to yourself (even in your head). It’s so easy to say you hate your job, or your coworkers, or your college professors are out to get you, or that you’re lazy – we’ve all been in a negitive rut before (well most of us) and sometimes you won’t even notice how negitive you are until your really think about it. When your stressed out in your day-to-day, what’s going on in your head? Are you demeaning yourself or someone else? Do you feel stuck? It’s so important to first recognize your thoughts and to then change them. Working on being postive at the start of the year, is the best way to achieve any goals or resolutions you’ve put in place.

This quote also goes out to the Internet bullies, real life bullies and your everyday miserable assholes – please take this year to work on BEING QUITE. 

Have a great day back at your real life! I’m so excited to go back to work tomorrow since I’ve been sick all week!!



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