Motivation Monday!

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True & true. It’s definitely not easy to know exactly what you want, but if you have a general idea and you work towards it, you’re my kind of woman. No one should wait around hoping someone will help or change their situation. You want that big corner office? Put in more hours and network. You want a beautiful mansion? Work for it, and invest and save your money. You want your own business? Get out there and get shit done. Passion is such an inspiration to me, people who are willing to get their hands dirty have already won in my eyes. 

If you don’t believe me, just look at the numerous people who have won the lottery and end up broke. Easy come easy go, and if you don’t know how to work to sustain your lifestyle, then it’s never going to work out. 

Whatever it is that you want, go and get it this week. Don’t wait at home for it to find you, you go find it!



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