Motivation Monday!

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Never limit yourself. When people ask me why I have three jobs, it’s hard to explain. Most people don’t understand why you would want to build and empire, or what that even means. Some people don’t even understand why I enjoy working and doing so many different things. You have to understand some people are totally OK with having a regular job, living in a regular house, living for Friday’s,  having regular friends and an average very vanilla life. But, I’m not ok with that. I want my life to be a masterpiece, everything intricate and well thought out, beautiful details at every turn, nothing that you don’t question or that doesn’t have a story. Let’s be real, people still don’t understand Ghandi’s ultimate goal of world peace. And that’s ok – most people don’t understand the great ones. But hopefully the world can’t get it together for Ghandi soon, because I really fucking can’t with the hate anymore, but I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

If you’re like me and you’re working harder than hard and putting your blood, sweat and tears into building your empire, don’t get upset if people don’t understand you or if you can’t relate to them. Not everyone is like me or you. Always keep your goals bigger than life and keep reaching for them. And listen to me from expirence, if possible, never tell a small minded person your goals, it will just give you a headache, possibly even a migraine, which really sucks. 


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  1. December 7, 2015 / 12:06 pm

    I’m sort of a new subscriber and have really enjoyed your motivational posts (along with your killer sense of style. “Start” was one of my favorites but this one has taken the CAKE! You’ve put into words exactly how I’ve been feeling lately! I will never be satisfied with a cookie cutter life and if that means I have to work 15 hours a day then so be it! Keep doing what you’re doing. The world needs more kick ass women like you!

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