Motivation Monday!

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A little Dr. Seuss bright and early for ya! Even though this comes from a children’s book, the thought comes from an adult, and either way I think it’s great advice. I always try to be myself. Meaning, I keep it real, at work (a Fortune 500 company I might add, so trust – it’s not always that easy) on my blog, with my friends and family – you always know what’s on my mind. I think the people closest to you, should always be able to (to a certain point) read you like a book. If I don’t like something, I say it, if something is great, I applaud it, if I feel I’m being taken advantage of, I speak up. 

Additionally, I like what I like, and if you think it’s weird or strange that’s on you. Whether it’s a food I eat or an outfit I choose to wear, I’m always unapologetically me. From having bright blonde hair and pink nails to match my Barbie like persona (teens years, not sorry) to my monochrome moden edge style today, that was me, I still am me, and I’ve grown and changed; my path and growth are my own and I’m proud of that. And to Dr. Seuss’ point, you can’t be average if you want to make it to the top. 

This Monday I challenge you to own your likes and dislikes. Speak up if you feel something isn’t right, if you’re being judged for being different – keep being different. In the end, you will recieve everything you ask out of life, and they won’t. 



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