Motivation Monday!


When I tell people all the different things I dabble in, I always get this look. This why are you doing so many different things look. (ie. HR, retail, my blog). The truth is, I don’t think we’re all meant to be just one thing or live just one life, especially when it comes to a career. Just because you feel like you’re at a shitty job now, doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever, especially if you don’t let yourself be there. Just because you graduate with a degree in Finance, doesn’t mean you can’t work with kids. I always take my spare time to find and do things I truly enjoy. A couple weeks ago I drove a stick car for the first time and next on my list is learning how to tile. I love trying new things and you should try new things too! I think someone once told me it builds character, but I just think it’s imperative on you’re overall happiness, either way just go for something new!

Let’s Discuss

What’s something new you want to try?! Have you fallen in love with something new recently?!

Comment below and have a great Monday everyone! And ps: Happy Birthday to my Momma, the lady that loves and supports me (and all my ridiculous endeavors) unconditionally!




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