Motivation Monday!


The worst thing you can ever do is compare yourself to someone else. Your day one can be someone else’s day 100, we’re all at difference places. We all want to know where we stand, know where we fit in, but the fact of the matter is that even if you had a definite answer, you wouldn’t be happy with it any way. So it best to break the habit and stop comparing yourself to others. Every time you think someone else is skinnier, fitter, getting better grades than you, making more money than you, being promoted faster than you, running better, doing more – LET IT GO. You need to throw the thoughts right out of your mind into the dumpster they belong in. We’re all different and were all going to end up in different places, there no need to compare.

The week I challenge you to be kind to yourself. Stop looking at other people and trying to figure out if they’re better or worse than you. Instead, make friends with the people you admire the most, are the most curious about or compare yourself to the most. Learn about them, we can all teach each other; I promise you nothing will come out of constant comparison.




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