Motivation Monday!


Navigating the world as a 20-something is no easy task. I think this quote is right where my heads at, personally, this Monday. It’s not easy after college to decide exactly what you want to do, or exactly what you’ll be good at. There’s always a handful of people who know exactly what they want to do, which makes everything all the more frustrating. What’s helped me is this exactly, blogging, who knew? Being young you may not LOVE going to work everyday or love exactly what your doing, but it’s important not to ignore what you like to do. Be it sports, taking pictures, drawing, cooking, anything, do what you enjoy. Never neglect what you love. With work, the job of your dreams will come, but not if you ignore your passion.

This Monday I challenge you to pay attention to who you are, and take some time this week to explore what you love. Thanks for reading!