Motivation Monday!


I almost never stop. I have a full time job, a basically part-time job and my blog. I still find time for my family and friends and even sometimes the gym (that’s more of a struggle but I’ll still count it). Every morning I pop up ready to go, even on the weekends. I actually dislike sleeping in, I feel like I miss half the day when that happens. A lot of you may be asking, but how?? And thinking that I’m nuts (which is probably half true! haha).

You’re going to end up sleeping 20 years anyway, why would you want to make it 25? I use every minute I’m awake being productive. Don’t get my wrong, I take vacations and sleep in sometimes, but it’s so important to make the best of each day. Just because it’s Monday shouldn’t mean anything. Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean you should sleep until 3 o’clock. You have to wake up and get it! Each day is a new chance to do more and be better than you were yesterday.

This Monday I challenge you to wake up on your first alarm for the rest of the week. And set an alarm for Saturday too – you’ll be amazed with what you can get done (and you’ll probably be early to work/school this week too). I mean it is an old saying that the early bird catches the worm, it has to be at least half true since we keep saying it! So wake up and get shit done today, it’s time to take on the WORLD!