Motivation Monday!


Good morning! I must confess after working 7 days straight I almost (almost) forgot to post a Motivation Monday! Lucky for you I take no real days off, so I’m up at 8:30am on my one day off this week.

The quote I chose today is something I always preach about, the first step. It’s so true that you never will get where you want to be if you don’t take that initial leap of faith. Personally, at my last job, one of the best things that I learned was to ALWAYS ask. You can ask the craziest of things to anyone, and you know what the even crazier part is, THEY USUALLY SAY YES. For example, can you stay late today? Can you get that flight for cheaper? Can you call that person back and get an extension on the project? Ask for their cell phone number. If you ask, people will give you anything (most of the time).

This week I challenge you as always, to take that leap of faith, take the first step. You will never have anything you want if you don’t go after it. And finally, ASK. You want someone to help you with something and think they will say no? ASK. You want to take a vacation day but think your boss will say no? ASK. You want someone to invest in your product or business? ASK. Be strong and persistent, and run towards your dreams!